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Mumio is contraindicated in cases of kidney stones, pregnant and nursing women and children under the age of 12.
The product must be kept in a dry and cool place. Use within 5 years after date of production. Keep out of reach of children.
Science has not yet resolved all the secrets of the observed effects of Mumio. Despite this, over the last few decades Mumio has provided valuable results in many studies carried out by the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food industries in Russia and other countries; and it is gaining ever-wider recognition.

From the chemical point of view Mumio is a natural mix of organic and inorganic matters. It consists of 26 microelements, 10 metallic oxides, 6 amino-acids, steroids, phospholipids; range of vitamins, ethereal oils and of further biologically active substances.

The word Mumio literally means “protecting body against diseases”, “body preserving”. In the areas where Persian Empire was situated the term “mum” means growth.

The deposits of Mumio are located in the high mountains of Central Asia where they from the geographic point of view form a strip over these highlands. Local people gather Mumio in the caves and cave rifts in hardly accessible terrains in the altitudes of over 3000 m. The group sets out for a few weeks’ journey to the mountains which results in few bags of raw Mumio. Gathering of Mumio is usually the only income source for these people and they keep locations of its deposits in secret and information about these locations are passed from father to son. Mumio is found on walls and ceilings of caves or in rifts as drop stones or small stalactites which by its shape remind tears (hence the name Tears of Mountains).

First Mumio references are older than three thousand years. Mumio was not known only in Babylon, Persia, Egypt, but also in Greece, Rome and certainly in Asia. The word Mumio itself (sometimes written as Mumjo, Mumijo, Mumyo) has its word root probably in Greek language - meaning 'body preserving'. It is a name used in western civilization.  
Mumio was used as medicine by Sumerians, Vedas – Indian sacred books write about it. Is is often present in medical writings as Susruta-Samhita, Ccaraka-samita, in chineese book of difficult problems. Knowledge about Mumio and its applications were kept secret, and were handed over in families of high ranked doctors only by word of mouth from father to son.
Mumio is mentioned in works of such great men as Aristotle who researched effects on people and recorded various applications, his student Alexander the Great and others (Shirasi, Tabib).

The church also knew (and knows) Mumio very well. As well as the most famous medieval representatives of medical science as Avicena, Paracleus, Agricola, Quiricus, Servet.

Mumio is a versatile, naturally occurring biological regulator, possessing a wide
spectrum of health uses. It exerts a favorable effect on metabolic processes and on the human immune system, restoring decreased functions of the body. Mumio is a unique biologically-active substance with striking healing effects and protective influence on the human body. It long been used in Asian and Russian traditional medicine, and is still used today for medical purposes.

Mumio has a wide spectrum of pharmacological activity. But, despite decades of impressive research results, official medicine is familiar with it only as food additive.
It is also used as a general strengthening and tonic remedy. Mumio possesses moderately significant anti-swelling activity. It also contains substances which stimulate the immune system. Mumio has not been found to show side effects.

A unique plant extract in combination with dozens of minerals; six amino-acids; vitamins A, B , C and P (citrins), natural steroids, terpiniods, phospholipids and polyphenol complexes. Mumio contains trace and macro-elements (cobalt, nickel, copper, zinc, manganese, chromium, iron, sodium, potassium, magnesium, and others).

Mumio possesses high immuno-modulating, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, which permits its successful usage for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases and conditions. This effect is a result of stimulating the body's natural regenerative and protective processes. In contrast to antibiotics, Mumio has a broad spectrum of action and does not cause allergic reactions or toxic damage. Mumio reduces the body's susceptibility to flues and viral infections. Since Mumio causes a faster regeneration process of nerve cells, cardiac muscles and other tissues, it is very helpful in cancer patients treated with chemotherapy and in places with high levels of environmental pollution. It raises the liver's ability to detoxify the organism. It has also shown to help blood vessel clogging problems.

Clinical studies on Mumio
Mumio is an ancient substance, but even today the mysteries of its natural origin (and perhaps more importantly, the secrets of its natural tonic properties) have not been fully resolved. There are many legends and stories about Mumio. The substance occurs in several varieties with different physical appearance: "golden Mumio" is red, "silver Mumio" is white, "copper Mumio" is blue, and "dark Mumio" brown to black. The above-mentioned book also describes the natural distribution of Mumio, its function as a natural balsam, and how and where it has been clinically tested.
Researchers in many countries, but particularly in Russia, have paid increasing attention to the clinical study of Mumio and its curative activity in various pathological processes. It has been established that Mumio contains zoo-melanic acids, essential humic acid, and quantities of micronutrient minerals in balance with the physiological processes in the human body. This all gives hope that the results of new experiments may discover even broader practical applications for the substance in the treatment of many diseases.

Directions for usage
Suggested doses, methods of application, and duration of treatment may vary somewhat in case of different medical conditions.
For adults - 1 tablet (0,2g) half an hour before a meal, once or twice daily for 25 days. After a 10 day break, the course can be repeated. In chronic conditions, the course should be repeated 3-4 times for greatest results. The daily dose can be dissolved in 3 tablespoons of warm water, taken one each half an hour before meals. In hemorrhoids, gum diseases, radiculitis and woman problems, 5g can be dissolved in 100g of honey and applied directly. In folk practice, Mumio is commonly used with juices, honey, tea, or milk. Or the ground preparation is mixed with edible grains and taken on an empty stomach, approximately half an hour before a meal. Sometimes it is preferable that the tablet is taken directly. In certain conditions however a suitable preparation may be applied as drops, as an external compress, or as an ointment.

Mumio is contraindicated in cases of kidney stones, pregnant and nursing women and children under the age of 12.
The product must be kept in a dry and cool place. Use within 5 years after date of production. Keep out of reach of children.
Science has not yet resolved all the secrets of the observed effects of Mumio. Despite this, over the last few decades Mumio has provided valuable results in many studies carried out by the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food industries in Russia and other countries; and it is gaining ever-wider recognition.

Summary of Russian studies

Mineral supplements
This is a medicinal preparation. Its influence on human body is tested against 35 parameters, and its medical characteristics are officially confirmed by tests in scientific and medical institutions.
It consists of more than 50 elements of mineral, vegetable and animal origin which are vitally important for a man - this is the most complicated medicine created by nature itself.
Strong and safe immuno-corrector. It has been widely adopted. It has reconstruction, antiphlogistic, antibacterial and analgesic characteristics. It is health-giving and irreplaceable during illnesses.
It is effective in treatment for gastro-intestinal, liver and kidneys diseases. It quickly liquidates food poisonings and facilitates restoration of stomach micro flora.
It removes toothache, neutralizes allergic reaction to intravenous injection of calcium chloride as well as to stings.
It removes negative consequences of medicine use, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
It reduces by 2-2.5 times a period of knitting consolidation, accelerates healing of traumatic injuries and postoperative stitches. It is successfully used for treatment of burns of any degree.
It provides safe protection from influenza, acute respiratory and viral infections. It decreases the influence of magnetic storms, sudden changes of temperature and atmospheric pressure.
It recreates the function of hepatic cells after acute and viral hepatitis and as a result excludes the possibility of complications. The period of tuberculosis treatment is reduced by one third.
It facilitates the removal radionuclide, salts of heavy metals, harmful chemical compounds out of human body and restores blood-forming process.
It maintains life tone, physical and mental efficiency at a proper level and serves for energy conservation and life prolongation.
All substances in its composition are in digestible form; long use is safe. Absolutely harmless for people of any age. It is recommended for women wishing to have healthy children because it provides the fetus with all essential elements necessary for normal growth.
The dosage of preparation is determined by method of reduction. 0.2-0.4 grams a day is enough for an adult to get medical effect. An increase of a dosage, as a rule, does not accelerate the treatment.
The use of Mumio reduces nutrition need by 1.5-2 times therefore the treatment is more effective during diet.
Today Mumio has the lowest price among analogous preparations! In order to make sure it is enough to estimate the cost of treatment for a day, compare the use indications and consider contraindications and side effects.
Mumio contains a complex of natural biological active substances of organic (derivatives of oxycoumarin (phenylamino) acetic acid, benzoic acid as well as steroids, phosphatides, albumins, gum resins, resins and resinous-like substances, glycine, serine, alanine, lysine, arginine, leucine, tyrosine, phenylalanine, glutamic acid and aspartic acid, methionine, valine, tryptophan, organic acids: adipic acid, succinic acid, citric acid, oxalic acid, vitamins P, B1, B6, B12) and inorganic nature, micro and macro elements (copper, iron, zinc, cobalt, potassium, calcium, total phosphorus, magnesium, tin, aluminum, cadmium, chromium, bismuth, nickel, titanium, molybdenum, vanadium, silicon, lead, sodium, boron, beryllium and others).

Pharmacological characteristics:
Natural components in composition of Mumio participate in controlling of interchangeable processes in human body; they facilitate acceleration of reparation, adaptive mechanisms and correction of cellular, humoral units of immunity and factors of nonspecific protection of body (induce the production of endogenous interferons and natural killers). Under the influence of preparation the cholesterol content of various density in plasma, the level of hemoglobin, erythrocytes, leukocytes are standardized as well as the function of hepatic cells is restored after acute viral and poisonous hepatitis. Besides Mumio has antioxidant, membranoprotective and antiphlogistic effects, rises the organism resistance for bacterial infection.

Use indications
Mumio is prescribed in complex therapy for ulcerous illness of stomach and duodenum, erosive illnesses of other sections of gastro-intestinal, inflammatory processes of liver and biliferous tracts (cholecystitis, hepatites of viral and toxic origin), for breathing organs in acute condition, as means to increase total resistibility; in case of immunity weakening and children's blood-forming function reduction; for patients after external and internal irradiation; in case of slowly knitting consolidation, sluggish wounds, burns, bedsores, trophic ulcers; for radiculitis, neuralgia, neuritis of peripheral nerves, chronic celebrovascular insufficiency, discirculatory encephalopathy. As a prophylactic: for middle-aged and old people with lipidosis; for increasing the total resistibility of organism to unfavorable factors of the environment.

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