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Torsion Field

and Interstellar Communication New book by Victor Shkatov (Doctor of Science, Tomsk, Russia) & Vitaliy Zamsha (B.S. in Radio-Electronics, Ukrainian origin, Australia) explores the history, theory, and proposes methods for using the torsion field for interstellar communication. "This is the latest development in torsion field."

Preface by Sterling D. Allan Pure Energy Systems News

"Today, I received an email from author, Vitaliy Zamsha, with permission to post their new book. Läs mer..."

BEHANDLING byggs på att återställa balans och välfungerande energifält samt elimenerar blockeringar, negativ påverkan utifrån samt stänger borta alla energitjuvar, "onda ögat", förbannelser med mera. Du kommer att uppleva lättnad under behandlingen, vilket är bestående. Din livssyn och medvetenhet kommer att förändras till det bätre en gång för alltid.

Du får flera svar på dina frågor angående varför är det så här just nu i ditt liv och vad som är bra för dig att göra för att få bättre hälsa och tillvaro. Du behöver boka minst 60 minuter, men ibland krävs det en längre tid.

All behandling grundas på vetenskap!


New Energy News, v.4, #11, March 1997, pp.11-14


A.E. Akimov, G.I. Shipov, "Torsion Fields and Their Experimental Manifestation," Proc. of the lnternat. Scientific Conf. on New Ideas in Natural Science, St.-Petersburg, Russia, June 1996.



The Torsion Fields (Spin Fields) theory has been formulated using the ideas of Eli Cartan, who was first to clearly establish the concept of fields generated by the spin angular momentum density. To date over, a thousand articles by about 100 authors (half of them Russian) constitutes the literature of Torsion fields. This technology was only theoretical until the 1970s.

Early theory indicated that torsion fields would be about 10-30 times the force of gravity. Later it was shown that this result was only for one type of static torsion field generated by spinning sources without radiation. Now it has been shown that much larger torsion fields occur with dynamic torsion (spinning source with emission). It was not until the 1980s that Russian scientists developed torsion field generators with the resulting experimental work yielding many practical results.torsion-department-of-physics-indiana-university.jpg

Because of the reluctance of the Western scientists to consider a Physical Vacuum as having a real energetic structure, the Russian scientists are the leaders in this new science. Some aspects of the P. Dirac electron-positron model of the physical vacuum have been retained in the development of the model for torsion fields.

The big difference is that the vacuum is considered as consisting of annular wave packets of electrons and positrons rather than electron-positron pairs.

The development of the model supports the experimental findings that the vacuum forms an orderly structure with linear packing with spin transverse polarization.

This model has led to better models for the gravitation field (characterized by frequencies extending from 1020 to 1040 Hertz). Under appropriate conditions the polarized state of the vacuum can be turned into a spin field. So interdependent are the fields of the physical vacuum that Ya.I.

Pomeranchuk has said, "The entire physics is the physics of the Vacuum." As stated in this article, "Modern nature does not need any unifications. There is but Vacuum and its polarized states existing in Nature, whereas the unifications only reflect the degree of our understanding of fields' interconnection."

a81225a768ba5d915678d001568e5fd8.jpgHere are some of the listed properties of torsion fields:

1. Like charges attract.

2. The field can extend without loss.

3. The fields cannot be screened.

4. The group velocity is not less that 109 times the speed of light.

5. All substances possess their own torsion field.

6. The torsion field has memory. (This may explain the Aspden Effect).

The concepts of the torsion fields are consistent with Wheeler's estimation of the energy of the vacuum as being about 1095 gms per cubic centimeter. By comparison, the density of an atomic nuclei is about 1014 gms per cu cm. Therefore, it is expected that the development of torsion field technology will yield methods of creating energy that are 300% to 500% efficient, or more.

This new technology has led to the development of the inertioid, a kind of a "four-dimensional gyroscope with self action. This device was first accomplished by Vladimir Nikolayevich Tolchin, a Russian engineer.torsion.jpg

Work is expected to result in a new type of propeller or perhaps an inertial propulsion mechanism.

Another finding is that the nature of a metal element going from molten to solid state can be changed by the effect of a torsion field. Instead of a metal lattice of the usual type, various metals have been induced to form a type of quasi-glass structure.

This work has been confirmed by the Ukraine Academy of Science's Institute of Materials Technology. Such types of structural rearrangement of steel in amounts up to 200 kg have been achieved using a torsion generator consuming only 10 milliwatts of electric power.


Torsion field communication has also been demonstrated. Digital signals were sent over a 22 km distance in which a hill and concrete apartment buildings intervened. This was further evidence that the torsion fields are neither absorbed nor diminished. Superluminal velocities of communication have been demonstrated.

Perhaps the most astounding discovery is that a photograph taken of the earth's surface (such as from a plane or satellite) leaves an imprint of the torsion field on the picture emulsion.

By proper treatment this torsion field image can be made into an image. Because the earth's substances have their own characteristic torsion fields, the use of selected screening can show the type of earth substances that are reflected to the earth's surface by the torsion fields. Mineral and oil prospectors can have new tools for discovery.

Consider the application of this technology to astrophysics. Because all stars rotate and have torsion fields, it is possible to find the current position of such stars and not just where they were when the photons captured by normal celestial photography left such a star. For example, a star image that is cited as being 10 million light years distant could be seen in its near current position.

With torsion fields having a group velocity of 1 09 times the speed of light, then a star at 106 light years away would only have emitted its torsion field about one-thousandth of a year or about 8 hours ago. Although not explicitly mentioned in the article, the comparison of a star field with normal pictures compared to torsion field pictures would provide an excellent tool for the motion of distant stars.Chick_Montgomery_Ascent_to_Paradise_525.jpg


Not only theoretical but also numerous experimental results testify to the fact torsion fields are an emphatic reality of Nature.

Aforementioned evidence reflects but a mite of the accomplished large-scale research work involving over fifty scientific establishments/ The acquired results considerably change our ideas of the organization of the world.

This indicates that the formulated scientific concepts form a new scientific Paradigm, which is probably destined to play a more critical role than the breakthrough in the physics of the elapsing 20th century. The already achieved results prompt a conclusion that the 21st century technologies will be torsion technologies.