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Torsion Field and Interstellar CommunicationNew book by Victor Shkatov (Doctor of Science, Tomsk, Russia) & Vitaliy Zamsha (B.S. in Radio-Electronics, Ukrainian origin, Australia) explores the history, theory, and proposes methods for using the torsion field for interstellar communication. "This is the latest development in torsion field."

Preface by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Today, I received an email from author, Vitaliy Zamsha, with permission to post their new book. Läs mer...

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    Torsio Field and Interstellar Communication
    Here's their introduction:

About this book

Authors of this book made attempt to explain what is Torsion Field (TF) in very short terms and how this can be used in benefit for human being. Authors revealed their top-secret information - they proposed how Interstellar Communication can be organised and proposed an innovative addressing method to be used in Torsion Field communication.

In this book reader can find some practical solutions how to build a torsion field generator or detector and some advice how to use imaging addressing method in TF communication.

The Authors do not claim that the information in this book is an absolute truth, that because science and technology is developing from time to time and, of course, some changes may come.

This book like a practical Guide for researchers, communication engineers, for beginners (and not only) in their work in this new direction of Physics which can “push” communication system development!

This book is for those who want to open their mind to perceive things beyond the dogmas!

The Authors do not impose their ideas on others but sharing their views, thoughts and experience to others.

Some third party materials and images used in this book are taken from open sources and used for brief reference only!

The Authors express their special thanks to Shipov Gennady, Bobrov Andrey, Pavlenko Anatoli and Kravchenko Yuri for their advice and some help in preparation of this book!

And finally – Authors express their warm thanks to Sunny Easy Printing Technology Co.,(China) for their hard work to deliver this book to the World!